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affordable restaurants in Paris?

I haven't been to Paris in several years (since the USD bottomed out!) Any suggestions for good AND affordable restaurants? (or is that an oxymoron?) We used to love Chez Robert on L'Impasse Guimenee (Marais), but I understand M.Robert has moved to the Left Bank & opened La Tourelle. Has anyone eaten there?

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Michelin produces an entire guide about excellent restaurants in Paris suitable for various budgets. If you're not a foodie, the Michelin website should be sufficient. Just go to, click Tourism, select France as the country, and enter the postcode 750XX - with XX as the number of an arrondissement. For example, if you were looking for restaurants near your hotel in the 6e, enter 75006. Select Michelin restaurants and click Search. The following page will have a list of restaurants on one side and a map on the other. For details on a specific restaurant, click its name. They give phone numbers, websites, menu prices, accepted credit cards - whatever you care to know.

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The brasseries and cafes that you find on every street are still affordable. Not a budget option, as such, but probably half the price of a comparable meal in Manhattan.

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Jean -

Another suggestion is to look at the Zagat list for Paris.

I do recommend that to consider the formule that a restaurant has posted. Typically especially for lunches there is a choice for a set price. Typically can be an entre, plat and desert - sometimes with wine/coffee. There can be variations where you can have an entre/plat or plat/desert etc.

As for Cafe La Tourelle - it is near la fountain Saint Michel - and it is my favorite place in the 6eme to go for fois gras as it is their specialty. If you are there in Jan/Feb I would recommend the oysters/escargot.

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Merci beaucoup Martine, Tom & Jona...Between the Michelin & the Zagat, I should find lots of interesting possibilities. Thanks for the update on La Tourelle....It's nice to know M.Robert is still in business & doing well; we've gone to his previous restaurant off & on for 15 yrs, & it was always delicious & good value for the money. I'll be dreaming of foie gras till May!

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Martine, Thank you so much for your post! It's SO helpful... Merci!