Advance tickets for Sagrada Familia

I have read several posts that indicate there are often problems with ordering tickets from the official website. I know there are option to buy advance tickets at a kiosk in Barcelona. If I buy tickets a day or two in advance in Barcelona, it that far enough in advance? I want avoid the long wait but don't want to get tickets prior to arrival in Spain. Thanks!

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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Why not try the official website ( and see how it goes? We had no problems reserving tickets in advance that way in 2011.

Posted by Angela
Indianapolis, IN, U.S
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Part of the reason is because I want to have flexibility about when we go.

Posted by Mike
Tampa, FL, USA
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We bought tickets in advance and had trouble receiving them once in Spain. The banks where we could get them were closed and my card would not work at the other kiosks. In the end we had to purchase them again. I would just get there early and buy them at the church.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Maybe things have changed, but two years ago we reserved in advance and received a print at home confirmation that we used for entry. Me booked a 9 am time and the " reserved"'line was about 10 minutes when we arrived. Mthe non- reserved line was already quite long,mand when we came out,maround 10:30, the line for those without advance reservations was about 2 hours long. That was at the end of April,mapopular time to visit.