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About Spain 2011 book

I notice that there is no mention of Valencia in Rick's Spain 2011 book at all. I have it noted as a spot to visit on my itinerary but am concerned that it might not be worth the trip . Please advise! Thank you.

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What is it that makes you want to see it? The aquarium is pretty darn good, otherwise it's a rather unremarkable city - - always has been, always will be. They're trying to attract visitors, but not doing a very good job. Blah. I don't think he mentions Ciudad Real or Zarragoza, either - - that's a big mistake since they're both great places.

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I found Valencia quite beautiful, but frankly, one day is enough. You always have the beach as a back-up. I would make it a day trip between cities.

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I met a college professor from Valencia two years ago. She said that the new buildings were great and interesting, but the problem was that nothing had been installed and no funds with which to install them. She indicated that one day would be sufficient to see what was there.

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The Spain book also doesn't say a word about northern Spain, which, in my opinion, is the best part of the country, and very different than the south. Rick only mentions what HE finds interesting. That doesn't mean that nothing else is worth seeing.