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Abbey of Saint Sixtus Westvleteren beer

Anyone have success ordering/purchasing beer from this monk’s brewery, Westvleteren's Trappist? If so, can one call in their order for future pick-up or do you have to be there in person? According to their website the time lag from the order to actual pick up can be as long as 10+ days? What’s the average prices for a case of their beer (I know there are at least 3 different types/alcohol content). Also, nearby In de Vrede serve these beers and also sells them (not on the weekend I've been told). Anyone know what a case costs there? Thanks as always for any input.

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Here are the answers you requested

When placeing an order, you need to call the beer phone listed on the website during the specified ordering period. You need to provide the license plate number of the vehicle you will be picking the beer up in. They (The Monastery) will then give you an appointment time (usually the week after the ordering period) for you to pick up your order. The cost of the last batch of Westy 12's I picked up was 50 euro for a case including the deposit for the bottles/crate. In de Vrede sells the beer's (six-pack maximum) although they do not always have all 3 variations in stock. Hope the helps