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Aachen Insights

We will be traveling by car from Cologne to Aachen, then on north to Bremen. We want to see the Dom, but have found it is not open to the public until 11:00h (except for the worship services at 7:00h and 10h). Any suggestions on where we might visit for a few hours prior to 11:00? Also, we would welcome any suggestions for a place for lunch.

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When we drive to Aachen we often go just over the border into the Netherlands for a pancake lunch. We have a favourite place in the countryside at a mill. If you'd be interested in specifics, ask. The spa opens quite early in Aachen, and wandering around the city is quite nice. My favourite hand-made brush shop is there, and there is often a nice open-air market.

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There's a small Altstadt that surrounds the Dom. You'll find the usual sorts of shops here. The main Thermen sits a little further away, if you're into that sort of thing. The rest of Aachen, though, could be any German city of similar size. If you've got plenty of time to burn, nearby Stolberg is worth at least a brief look.

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Have you considered going to the service at 10:00? Many of these old churches have beautiful organs, as well as wonderful acoustics. This would be a special treat and one I would do if there.

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Jo This is exactly what we're now planning. We'll likely arrive between 8:00-9:00h, walk around a bit, attend the service, and then wander through the interior.
Thanks to those who recommended eateries. We'll check these out when we arrive. . . ummm Belgian Chocolates.

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My German friend who lives near Aachen likes TGIFridays. But she's travelled a lot.