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I'm going to be in the area for about a week in November. Besides the tomb of Charlemagne in the cathedral, is there anything else of note to visit in this town? Any favorite restaurant?

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Restaurant suggestions: La BecasseRestaurant ElisenbrunnenTo see:1. The Dom (Cathedrale): I'm going from a hazy memory here but my recollection is that Charlemagne's throne is the big *** attraction; it's mandatory to be accompanied by a guide to see the throne and IMO it's worth it to do so, ask for one at the Treasury or call ahead to arrange. Again, my recollection is that the throne rather than the "tomb" is the biggest draw--and that the "tomb" is, technically, "the relics" and I guess the distinction is that with relics parts of him are in theory wherever the relics are displayed but it's not the tomb where he was originally buried (I could be wrong on this detail).2. the Gothic Rathaus3. Couven Museum4. Suermondt Ludwig Museum