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AA Batteries in Spain

Does anyone know if we will be able to purchase AA batteries in Spain? Both the digital camera and iPods we're taking require batteries and we don't want either to loose charge during the 2 weeks we are travelling. Thanks!

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Batteries are everywhere, but they are very expensive. Another option is before leaving, get a set of rechargeables - for about $20 you have enough batteries and the charger and don't need to buy anymore. I was gone for 6 weeks so that would have been a ton of batteries for digital cameras, I had a set in my camera, a spare set in my day bag and the rest charging back at the hotel. I also noticed that my camera took a lot more pictures with the rechargeables for some reason - about 50 with regular AA but hundreds with the rechargeable AAs.... wish I knew why! It worked out quite well for me. Anyway just another option, but yes batteries are all over Spain and the rest of Europe no problem :)

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I used lithium batteries for my trip to Spain in May, and I used two sets during my week there. It's cheaper to take what you need with you, for sure. I have never had good luck with rechargeables for some reason. Just curious -- what kind of iPod takes batteries?

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As a matter of fact, the battery charge you use at home may also work in Europe. Check the sticker on the back of the device for its "input". If it is listed as 100-240V all you'll need is a plug adapter to fit the two flat prongs of an American device in the two round holes of a Spanish socket. (The adapter will run about a buck at any Spanish hardware store.)
Debra, FYI, rechargeable batteries frequently last longer than normal cells in high power applications (digital camera) because their chemical makeup provides for a lower resistance. Electrical power is rated as potential (volts) and current (amps). Think of the difference between a gallon (volt) of 95 octane (amp) gasoline vs. 98 octane gas. With the 98 stuff, you get more "bang for your buck". The analogy is not perfect, but I'm sure you get the idea. Google "Ohm's Law" if you'd like more information.

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I agree with Debra. We took rechargeable batteries with us and one set of extras. For two weeks, it's possible that you may not even need the spare set depending on how good the batteries are that you get...

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Go to Target or Walmart and buy a dual voltage charger...mine even came with 4 batteries. Each night when we went to sleep I would charge my batteries for my camera. It worked great and the charger was pretty small. My Ipod got charged up with the wall charger I use at no problems there!
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