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A whirlwind - but I can't wait!! part 1

I have spent a good deal of time reading through the threads posted here and can appreciate that you don't particularly care for planning out someone's trip for them. However, that being said, I would love to hear your advice for what I am planning so far. And let me also say that I am well aware of how 'ambitious' I am being - I plan to be back someday, but for now I am treating this as the trip of a lifetime and will squeeze every last drop out of Europe that I can. Besides - I am a school teacher, I will have the whole month of July to recover! :~)

Be critical - I can handle it...

My husband and I are travelling with another couple this summer for 2 weeks. After spending 4 nights in Italy (would love to spend more time there, but the couple we are going with were just there a few years ago and we want to move onto new territory for everyone), we will be taking the night train from Venice into Munich.

Munich - 3 nights with 2 full days in the city and 1 day for a day trip to Salzburg, and then leaving on a morning train to Prague. I would love to find out about a night train from the Munich/Salzburg area to Prague and elimiate those wasted hours on the train (is there a night train from Innsbruck - I am finding it extremely difficult to figure out the night train info). I would love to spend 2 days in Munich, take an early train to Salzburg and then get to the night train to Prague. Also - suggestions about what is not to be missed in Munich.

to be continued

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