A/C or no A/C

Frist, great recommendations on finding a hotel in Munich thru searching this site!!! I got an email back form the Hotel Am Viktualienmarkt that they have a room and the place sounds great, but no A/C. We are going to Munich the last week of June. Do we really need air conditioning? The web says the average temps are in the low 70's Does that sound right?

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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Peter . there are two parts to the answer : First , it depends on how sensitive you are to summer weather . For myself , I prefer to have AC in the summer , some people are less sensitive to warm rooms . that aspect is subjective , only you can decide that based on your own personal issues . The second part of the answer is science - based . A building ( large or not so large ) acts like a heat sink , on a warm day in sunshine it absorbs and RETAINS heat . While a day outside in dry 72 degree weather is very pleasant , a room in a hotel could be stifling in the evening . Cross ventilation ( unlikely ) or a fan would improve the situation ( but then you have to tolerate street noise with an open window ) but AC is really the only answer . Besides , last week of June could be pretty warm .

Posted by Will
Columbia, SC
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Yes, get A/C. Even though I come from the sultry South, when I lived in Germany, sleeping fitfully on summer nights because of the heat in an un-airconditioned room was a new experience for me.

Posted by Denise
Lake Forest, CA, USA
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The end of June should still be cool enough, however, seeing where you are staying and its location on a busy street in the city, some type of air ventilation may be needed. At this hotel, you may not be able to open the windows.

Posted by Roy
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It is a gamble. You will pay more for AC, obviously, and won't find many affordable places with AC in the historic areas, but it is hard to enjoy your days if you cannot get a good night's sleep. So, you may find yourselves staying a little farther away in a business-class hotel that you would normally avoid. But, several nights w/o AC during a hot spell can ruin a vacation.

Posted by Allen
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That time of year you just never know. If the location was Southern Europe, I would say no doubt get a hotel with A/C. In Munich, you are rolling the A/C dice. I was in Vienna last June in a hotel with no A/C. It was warm the first night and I was thinking I had made a mistake. But the subsequent nights were slightly cool. But next time (if its June), I'm springing for A/C.