Transfer time at Karlsruhe Hbf Station Germany for TGV train

Transfer time at Karlsruhe Hbf Station Germany for TGV train According to the DB website from Baden Baden to Paris Est Leaving Baden Baden at 8.53 arriving direct to Karsruhe Hbf we would have 10 minutes to get between the two tracks listed.
Is 10 minutes enough time? It's track 14 to 6??? I don't want to miss our train to Paris! Also, should we purchase our TGV tickets before we arrive in Germany for this trip? We plan on buying the 5 day German rail pass and use this to get to the TGV

Posted by Christian
Munich, Germany
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Karlsruhe isn't a huge train station. You will be able to make it in 10 minutes. The DB website won't list connections that are too tight. Other connection times are as little as 5 minutes. You're just walking from one platform to the other. Sometimes even if your first train is running late, the TVG wil wait for the connections to get into the station and depart late. Also, worst case scenario, you miss it and take the next train an hour or so later.

Posted by Michael
Palos Hills, Il, USA
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Thank you for the quick response! Do you think we should buy our TGV ticket before we leave for Germany? If we miss our first train will we have to pay a penalty for the seat on the next? Thanks again for your help!