Germany Christmas Markets

I'm taking a Uniworld Rhine Christmas Markets cruise 11/24. Any idea what some souveniers will cost ? Any idea what the best values are?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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THAT !! is a pretty open ended question. Souvenirs will run from 1E to 100 plus Euro depending on what you buy. We prefer to buy hand made wooden Christmas orientates (don't break), jewelry, fabrics, and maybe small potteries. Best value generally is local hand made items. PS Tom is very correct.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Best value is a cup of Gl├╝hwein and the conversation that goes with it. Seriously, the merchandise isn't the main attraction of the Christmas markets, it's all about the atmosphere.

Posted by Gary Mc
Salt Lake City
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I agree with Tom. With the internet age, you can find just about anything that is available in the Christmas Markets on your computer/tablet. My wife enjoys the hunt through the Christmas Market stalls and I do not mind being her pack mule as long as a get an occasional refreshment. However, for both of us, it is the atmosphere that counts. We already have twice as many ornaments as we can hang on our tree. We have visited Christmas Markets in 3 of last 4 years and are going back this year. It is a hoot. Gary