Parking for a few days in Monaco

We will be driving to Monaco arriving 11/1 and staying for a few days, but touring locally by train/bus. What is the alternative to spending $50/day in the hotel lot? I know there is parking available in Monaco but what prices might I expect and can I just leave the car for 3 days?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Thom, you might try posting this question on the transportation site here, or on the monaco forum.. might get more responses.

Posted by Thom
Redmond, WA
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Hi & thanks - tried Trip Advisor with out much luck but will try the transportation section here. Monaco is in a seam between France and Italy information and comments seem based on a day tripper's needs from east or west instead of someone looking to park and leave a car safely for a few days. I have posted on both the Boot and France, etc message boards here at Rick's.