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9 Euro Train Ticket MINI Offer from Trenitalia

I am going to Italy in May and will be taking trains. A friend offered me a link about 9 euro train ticket MINI offer from Trenitalia. " With the MINI offer you get the best price, only 9 € to travel in all Italian cities, for the day and service ed, for both 1st and 2nd class or service level Business, Premium and Standard. The MINI rate applies to travel on AV, ES*, Frecciabianca, Espressi, ICN, IC, couchette or sleeping carriage services. Excelsior and Excelsior E4 and Executive service level are excluded. When and how to book The MINI offer can be booked up two days before departure on this website, at authorised travel agencies and through our call centre, also with ticketless option, at ticket desks and self-service ticket machines at train stations. The MINI offer cannot be cumulated with other reductions or offers, including children reduction. The number of seats available is limited and varies according to the day of the week, the train and the class or service level ed. Booking/ticket changes All MINI tickets, including tickets purchased online and with ticketless option, can be changed solely at ticket desks at train stations or at the travel agency where the ticket was issued up to midnight of the day before departure. Changes can be made only once. You are only allowed to change the departure date or time for the same category of train or service, subject to a change fee (equal to the difference to the corresponding full base price).
" However when I tried to find train schedules and fares for Pisa to Rome on, they did give two prices - MINI and Base. MINI price is only half of Base, but still around 29-39 euro. How can I find the 9 euro MINI offer for tickets from Pisa to Rome? Does it only apply to 'last minute' tickets? Thanks!

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No, it applies to tickets bought way in advance. The 9 euro mini fare is offered for a few seats on a particular train. When those are sold, the price goes up to 19, then 29 euros, and so on. If all you see are 29 and 39 euro fares for your date, the lower fares are gone, try a different time of day; sometimes the lowest fare lasts longer on trains at odd travel times. If you don't see any, best buy that 39 euro mini before it disappears.