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9 days on Lake Tegernsee (south of Munich)

I'm helping plan a trip for 7-9 people for 9 days (Sept 28-Oct8) south of Munich. We chose Lake Tegernsee because a. it's beautiful! and b. we couldn't find anything to accommodate all of us in Munich during Oktoberfest. Here are some of the things we plan on doing while we're there: 1. 1 or 2 visits to Oktoberfest (in the morning as we didn't get a table reservation - I hear this is the best time to go, Monday or Tuesday morning if you don't have a res) 2. Tour around Munich 3. Dachau 4. Neuschwanstein & the other castles
5. Day trip to Salzburg 6. hiking around the area and also checking out that monastery that makes beer. ;) Did I miss anything around the area? Is there enough down time too? I built in a couple of days to just relax and hang out at the rental house and check out the town (Rottach-Egern) and I think my brothers will want to golf if there's time. We're going to have 2 rental cars as well so we can pretty much drive almost anywhere. Thanks for your help!

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There are periodic (several per hour), 10 minute buses from Rottach-Egern to Tegernsee Bahnhof, where it's a 1 hour trip by train to Munich Hbf, minutes from the Oktoberfest or Dachau. You can sit together on the train, and you won't have to find parking in Munich. You can do both the bus and the train with a Bayern-Ticket, 38€ for 5 P, 26€ for the other 2 (34€ for 4). I wouldn't rent a car for those days. Rottach to Hohenschwangau might be better by car since the trains take a roundabout route. Rottach to Salzburg, again with a Bayern-Ticket, takes about 3 hours each way via Holzkirchen and Rosenheim. From Tegernsee Bhf you can go to Holzkirchen Bhf, then take the line towards Bayrischzell, stop in Schliersee, then go on to Osterhofen and take the cable car up to the Wendelstein.

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We spent several days at Tegernsee a few years ago and just spent the time lounging and relaxing. Lovely area. We had our bikes with us and had nice rides around the lake. I think you may be able to rent bikes if that interests you.