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9 days in Spain, pre-Xmas

How to maximize our time in and around Madrid and Barcelona, ending 12/22? Asked as longtime New Yorker and subway rider, are we to believe newer scares about petty theft? Suggestions? Best to carry pocket size camera than risk SLR? Suggestions? Tips for after dark, if we're not tapas, drinks or churchgoers? When does it become dark, by the way? Cloudy and cool aren't turn-offs.

Thank you.

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I was in Barcelona and Madrid in March/April and found nothing to be "afraid" of in either city. I can't imagine it to be different during Xmas.

If you are a NYC person, you will find Madrid to be no different than any big city. Don't flash your money, don't carry anything of extreme value on you. Meaning, if you were to get pickpocket you won't cry over it.

The city is alive after dark. That's the best time to go out and eat, drink and be merry! Both cities you can't find a restaurant that doesn't open up until 8 pm at the earliest, and the city stays alive until well past midnight... even til 2 am!

When you go to the more tourist area like Las Ramblas in Barca, or Sol in Madrid, just keep your stuff in front and your eyes everywhere! Have a great time... and have a cup of Chocolate y churros!

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I agree with Michelle, there's nothing to be particularly worried about - nothing you don't encounter everyday in NY, anyway. I wouldn't worry about your camera, either, as long as you keep an eye on it. And as Michelle said, you'll not be dining until well into the evening since restaurants don't serve dinner until 9:00 or so. It actually gives you more time for shopping and sightseeing before dinner!