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9 day Germany by car - is this doable?

Hi there, Help...I'm stuggling with our itinerary would really appreciate some advise. The first 12 days will be visiting BFs relatives in Dusseldorf, going to Barcelona for 2 days, then taking a Western Med cruise for 7 days. It is the 2nd half that my itinerary may be overloaded and I would really appreciate some feedback. The flights are already booked so we have to fly into Dortmond and out of Berlin. We are not interested in big cities...just a romantic trip to enjoy the beauty of the land, culture and people...while getting our fill of fun and good food/wine/beer. - SUNDAY - Dortmond pick up car and head to Rhine Valley. (Sleep in Bacharach) - Travel down Wine Road Neustadt, Hambacher, Edenkoben (Maybe do some wine tasting and stay local? Ideas?) - Travel through Black Forest (Stay in Frieburg? Open for ideas) - Lake Konstanz towards Neuschwanstein Castle - Munich? Dachau? Oberammergau? - Drive Romantic Road up to Rothenburg. Stay in Colberg Castle - SUNDAY - Drive to Berlin for last 2 days. - Leave Tuesday. Thank you so much in advance!

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I'd suggest skipping the Black Forest and head for Bavaria and Tirol in Austria. The Alps just has incredible beauty the Black Forest cannot touch.
And be sure to spend adequate time in Munich, as it's another great city.

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Yes, I agree the Alps sound fantastic. Wouldnt standard travel route go through the black forest when we are heading east towards Bavaria though?

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" Wouldnt standard travel route go through the black forest when we are heading east towards Bavaria though?" For the most part, no. The main route from the German wine region (where I live, BTW) to the Alps is south to Karlsruhe, then east through Stuttgart, then heading south on A7 around Ulm. You would skim the northern Black Forest, but the mountains in this section are pretty low and unimpressive. The high peaks of the Black Forest are much further to the south, and even these pale in comparison to the Alps. Going directly east from the Southern Black Forest to the Bodensee and the Alps is a very long drive over back roads. There's some good scenery in the Black Forest itself, but once you pass the mountains and drive onto the plateau of southern
Swabia... this is probably one of the least scenic rural areas of Germany I have driven through. Likewise, the Romantic Road drive isn't particularly scenic... especially heading north, with the Alps to your back. The RR links together several attractive towns, but the scenery along the road itself is a little below average for Germany. I would just take the A7 Autobahn which runs parallel to most of the RR, and exit for the towns that you want to see. I personally think Rothenburg gets proportionally far more attention than its worth, but I'm not going to fight the Ricknik flock on that issue again for awhile...

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I see you have included Lake of Konstanz and have to say I hope you keep it in. I have been to Germany a number of times and love it, but one of my very favorite spots in Germany is the Lake. It is absolutely beautiful and I don't think enough people take the time to travel there. Also, as far as the Romantic Road, while I agree it can be long, etc. I have driven parts of it a number of times and frankly enjoyed the ride. I think there are times I hopped over to the freeway, but my favorite town along the way is Dinkelsbuhl over Rothenberg, although I would suggest seeing it since you will be there.
There are so many small and charming towns that you can stop in. I love doing road trips in Germany... just don't forget to go to a market and get some groceries for a car picnic along the way.