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8 year old granddaughter in Paris

W're spending Easter vacation in Paris and I'm wondering about a children's tour to the Louvre. Paris Muse tours look good but I would like some feedback. I want a tour about the art and history for her not some "you're a princess" tour. thanks

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Did a family tour of Europe, Rick Steves uses "Paris Walks" for their Louvre tour. We had Iris.. she was WONDERFUL, I cannot stress enough how good she was at making things interesting,, the kids and adults learned tons.. I myself had been many times before, but my 12 yr , well it was only her second visit, and she loved it also..

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Hi Candice... Something else your grandaughter and you might like can be seen at These are great little tours of breadmakers, chocolatiers, artists, etc. They are very interesting and are different and fun.

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We were in Paris this past November. Our kids are a little older (11 and 9), but we used a book of self-guided tours that we picked up at the Louvre. I don't remember the exact title, but it was something like "The Louvre for Kids." The book contained nine self-guided tours, that we could follow at our own pace. During our 8-day stay, I think we did three or four of those tours. The book was very helpful.

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my 9 year old son and I were just in Paris for 10 days in September. my biggest suggest to making the museums more accesible to the children is to rent them the audio guides. I did this in every museum we went to and it was extremely enjoyable for him and also allowed me a little extra time with the museum while he was occupied. The only thing I would say about the louvre is to go early in the day with children and their audio guide isn't that interactive for kids. Also, only pick a couple of areas to go see with a 9 year old as the Louvre is both hot and crowded. Enjoy