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8 hrs in Dublin

I have an 8 hr layover in Dublin. I am thinking of going to see the Book of Kells, taking a walk along the Liffey, having a Guinness or two, and eating some local food. Any suggestions for other stuff or places to eat and drink near Trinity College?

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You give no information about when you are traveling, or the timing of your layover. You should know that if you are talking about a peak tourist time you almost have to get to Trinity library before the museum opens if you want to see the Book of Kells without waiting in a very long line. Depending on your timing, it may not work out to visit. However, Grafton St. is a great place -- there are almost always musicians performing along the street, and the Temple Bar area is right there. There is a Bewley's on Grafton St that has good food, as well as Maguire's, just across from the O'Connell St bridge (Trinity College side of the river).

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of course, that would be helpful :-)

i am arriving july 3rd around 7:30 am dublin time and i depart by plane around 4 pm. my plan would be to head straight for trinity.

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Here are some things to remember. If you are arriving by plane, don't forget that you will have to clear customs, which could take an hour or more. Then you have to get to the city by public transportation which will take at least 1/2 hr. Depending on how you get into town you'll have some sort of walk to TC. And since you will be there during peak tourist season it's really hard to guess how long it will take just to see the book. While you're there, it would be a shame to not take the time to go through the displays that explain the process of how the book was made. And then you have to allow time to get back to the airport and check in.

As for places to eat,if you have time, Murdocks does have really good fish and chips (see Ricks book for location).

Let us know if you were successful.