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8 days trip to Italy and Switzerland

Hi, I am planning 9 day trip to Europe in July. We will land in paris and start my trip by spending 3-4 days in Italy and then 4 days in Switzerland. And back to Paris. I dont want to see much in Paris and just see 2-3 things which i could in last day and then flew back. I know that covering 3 days in Italy or switzerland is very hectic and also missing lots of places. But I cannot spend more then 9 days and also we have to travel both place as I love Switzerland and my wife loves Italy. I would like some help in deciding the itenerary \places which I should see. In Italy i was thinking of spending 1\2 days in Venice. Go to then 1\2 day in Rome (depend upon days spend in Venice.). And then go to Switzerland and spend 4 days and go back to Paris. I can also change my plan and go first to Paris- Switzerland -Italy - Paris if that will save time. I would like you guys help in getting Itenerary for Switzerland for four days. Let me know your suggestions. As I said I know that it is hectic, but I dont have days and also I want to cover country. Paris is just an start point (long story) and end point. Please also include details like whether I should fly or take train.

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Flying is faster, and can be cheaper (but sometimes more expensive). Trains have the advantage that you get to truly see the country. Where are you interested in staying while you're in Switzerland? Since you have to go back to Paris (although I would not have chosen to go in and out of Paris, it will take up a lot of time) you may want to stay more on the western side of the country. I would definitely fly from Paris to Rome or Florence, wherever you want to be in Italy. From there you can choose whether you want to take the train or plane to Switzerland from Italy. Trains will take a while, but if you're going to Zurichthe train ride from Milan to Zurich is one of the most beautiful sights. If you want to do both Rome and Venice (might be a lot for four days though) I would fly from Paris to Rome, and then take the train (or a flight) up to Venice, and then head to Switzerland from there.