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Paris weather

My parents are going to Paris over Thanksgiving weekend. Any idea what the weather will be like? They are thinking about taking the Fat Tire Bike Tour to Versilles (it's awesome, I took it in September) but it might not be so fun if it's raining. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Too early for meaningful forecasts, but expect highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s and possible rain. I'd suggest they play it by ear when they get there.

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Jenny: Here's a link that gives the expected high and low temps in Paris for the entire month of November. For Thanksgiving weekend, these are not forecast numbers, just based on long term averages. Just what Doug said: 40s & 30's and chance of rain. Doesn't look like pleasant weather for riding bikes, at least to me. There are also several other weather websites on the RS site, click favorite links and then look for the weather section.

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Jenny: If the weather ends up not being suitable for cycling in Paris over Thanksgiving, there are only about another 1000 things to do in Paris over a long weekend. One of the many guidebooks will give you plenty of ideas. Narrow down the list of a thousand based on what they like: museums, food, people watching, historical sights, etc. And get some ideas by clicking plan your trip/best destinations/france on this website.

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I too have done Fat Tire to Versailles, and yes, it would suck in rainy weather. Are they even still running them in winter?
They are only going for a weekend? Well they don't really have time to leave city then do they?

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Jenny -

The Fat Tire Bike Tours are still running during this time of year. Although, the weather is really hit or miss.

Typical to the season - it has been 3 days of clouds with rain now and then with a day of sun. The temperature is sticking around 50 degrees with a variation of a few degrees here and there. Rain gear and layering is the key this time of year.

Another option would be a walking tour in Paris perhaps. If they are set on a bike tour they could always try a quick ride on the new Velib bike system !! I love it ! I usually take the bike to get me from the large market back home.
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Bon chance !