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1 day in Paris

I arrive late in Paris on the 10-31-07 and fly out early on 11-2-07. That leaves one full day to sight see. Any suggestions on what to see? I have been to Paris 5 years ago for 2 days so have seen most of the main sights but briefly.

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November 1st is All Saints Day, so that could limit some of your choices.

In Paris, I've really enjoyed the walking tours offered by Paris Walks. It is a great way to explore one of the neighborhoods. I see on their website that they do have tours on the 1st. Here is their website.

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One day in Paris! Wow, that not much time. The best advice I can suggest is to stay close to the River Seine. Take in the sites to be seen from there. Find a nice cafe near Notre Dame with a river view and soak in the Parisian cusine. Oh, and promise to come back when you have more time!!

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Depends on the and sunny...go to Pére LaChaise cemetary ...get a map of famous graves to visit;...raining...Musée d'Orsay....It's school break so there will be many French tourists in the city. Have a nice lunch anywhere.....I'm writing this on monday and it's pouring rain...supposedly better for Thursday. We always like the Bateau Mouches for the night on the river with the lights on the buildings

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking if the weather was nice going on a bike tour and-or sticking close to the river. Is there a boat tour that is hop on - hop off. Someone mention something like that to me but I wasn´t sure.

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I say it depends on what you like. Some people would spend their one day entirely in the Louvre. Others may just walk around. If you want to see as much as possible I bet you can hit Notre Dame(1 hour), the Louvre(quick 2 hour run through), Eiffel Tower(open late-1 1/2 hours), walk the Champs-Elysees and go up the Arc de Triumphe(2 hours), Orsay Museum(1 hour), and while going from place to place listed above you can walk through Ile St. Louis, walk along the Seine, walk the rue cler, walk through the latin quarter. And you can probably squeeze in a few other things. But it will be at a fast pace and you will feel rushed. I only had 5 days in Paris and didn't/don't know if I will ever be back so I tried to see as much as possible. good luck