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7 hr layover in CDG airport paris

I will have a 7hr layover in paris. Is this enough time to take the metro and visit the city? I have been there once before, so I am familiar with everything, just wanted to take advantage of the time. Also, does anyone know of a way to increas layover times when booking flights?

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Its tight...depends on how fast you get out of customs. The RER will take you right into the center in 30 mins or so....then of course you'd have to get back to CDG 3hrs before your connecting flight.CDG is alot of things...efficient aint one of them.

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You could do it especially if you are completely checked in for the next leg. In that case you would only need to be back about an hour or so to go through security.

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Kevin - one important thing to check is if CDG will let you out, while on your connection. Depending on your flights, if you're going somewhere else in the EU, usually no problem, if you're coming to/from outside the EU, you may not be allowed out, varies by airport. Not sure about CDG in particular, but would be a great question to ask! I'd see if anyone on here has some personal experience with CDG. Good travels!