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7 Days Starting In Vienna

Hello, My husband and I are starting October 15 in Vienna with a rental car and our backpacks for 7 days around the area. We don't need much and really just want to see as much as possible. We are capable of long days and willing so that we can see as much as possible. Do you have a thought about the best things to do in that amount of time knowing that we want to see more for quantity than quality. We were thinking the Romantic Road, two cities in Austria and around Gimmelwald in Switzerland. Any suggestions, thoughts? We are hoping to do this via hostels or at least inexpensive hotels, yet we do have a nice hotel for our last night in Vienna.... the night of the 21st.

Thanks for any advice.

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Vienna is in the far eastern part of Austria. To do a round trip from Vienna to Vienna, this is what I would consider doing. Vienna to Salzburg, Salzburg to Munich, Munich to Reutte or Lermoos, Reutte to Appenzell (there's a beautiful drive from Reutte to western Austria that takes you thru the mountains--snow??). Then start your return to Vienna--driving like crazy! Now, take a southern route through Austria. Appenzell to Innsbruck/Hall, Hall to AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO--then to Vienna. If you want to spend more than one night in a town, you should eliminate Appenzell and/or Munich. Go from Reutte to Hall, and then back towards Vienna. As you said it's a lot of driving (quantity) and not necessarily quality, but it can be done. What's nice about staying so many nights in Austria is that it's not hard to find a zimmer frei/pension and they are less expensive than in Germany/Switz. In Tirol, Austria, when arriving at a town, check out the info board with zimmers(beds) listed.

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We are doing something very similar only in Germany. We too are renting a car and touring around in about 8-9 days time and trying to see as much as possible. I have been using two guide books one of which is Rick Steves, and I am looking up all the best recommended places in each book. Then I also have been doing a lot of reading on this travelers helpline as well as looking on the graffiti wall and I have found it very helpful. From what I have read and heard, I think that the Romantic Road comes highly recommended as a must see in Germany. Some say it is one of the most scenic places to visit in Germany. Switzerland is beautiful too. I was there 10 years ago, and Gimmelwald is great. Good luck!

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Having lived in Vienna for a year, I would actually advise the following: to do the German/Swiss things, plan a separate trip using a homebase in either Salzburg, Munich or Insbruck.

If you're headed east do yourself the greatest favor of your life and see Vienna then take the Franz Joseph Bahnhof to Prague, from there hit Krakow, swing over to Berlin, and fly home from there. You won't regret it. The east is far and away the most underrated and neglected part of most American's European tours.

And don't fret the language barrier! I got by with Du-Eng-Fre-lish ;-) If you want any Vienna advice feel free to email me off list.

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... Marie is absolutely right. We second that motion... P