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7 Days in Spain. Where should I go??

I only have 7 days in Spain and I want to make the most of it. I also don't want to spend the entire time on a train or hopping from Hostel to Hostel. Here is my potential itinerary right now: Day 1: Barcelona (arrive at 11AM from UK so jet lag already dealt with!) Day 2: Barcelona Day 3: Barcelona (Sleep Train to Granada) Day 4: Granada/Alhambra Day 5: Granada- 6PM train to Madrid Day 6: Madrid
Day 7: Madrid (Possible Day trip to Toledo) How does this sound? I have already booked Barcelona, the train to Granada, and Alhambra tickets so that portion is set. My big concern is with day 5,6, and 7. Should I go to Madrid? I am from New York City so the big city life isn't really something I'm attracted to see. Many have mentioned going to Seville instead of Madrid. I fly out of Madrid on Day 8 at 10AM so I will have to be there for one night no matter what and think that a day trip to Toledo might satisfy the need to see more smaller town life while also being able to say that I checked Madrid off my list. Thoughts? Am I a complete fool for missing Seville? Thoughts appreciated especially those that take in my concerns from above! Thanks!!

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Day 5, train or bus from Granada to either Sevilla or Cordoba and spend 2 nights. People will probably say go to Sevilla as it is larger and has "more sights" than Cordoba. But we found Cordoba full of charm, and the Mezquita is amazing.

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So, Sasha
Are you recommending Granada and Cordova instead of Seville? Or do you think one can do all three in this time frame.

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I think this looks fine. Yes, you could jam in Cordoba, but that would mean hopping around more when you said you didn't want that. There is so much to see and do in Madrid! And since you have already booked our return from Madrid, you would have to make a very long haul back there from Sevilla or Cordoba. Save Seville and Cordoba for your next trip when you can spend the time they deserve.

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Your itinerary looks quite good and very doable. Others will add Seville but it was not one of our favourite cities in Spain. We prefer Cordoba too and prefer Madrid even more than either cities or Barcelona.

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Thank you all for your advice! I believe we will stick to this schedule and have to come back to Spain for other cities in another trip!

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Just returned from Spain. I too am a transplanted New Yorker so Madrid was just, well, so-so. But Seville!! You're too close to miss it! If you lose yourself in the old town, you'll love it and certainly will not need to go to Toledo. The Mezquita in Cordoba is fabulous but there are plenty of venues within Seville proper to get more of that Moorish flavor. If you decide to forego Seville, I like Segovia better for that small town flavor - in the shadow of the magnificent Roman aqueduct. (On your next trip, plan to stop in Valencia, a city that surprised and delighted......and Rick doesn't even cover it in his guidebook!)