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Night train from Munich to Rome

Anyone take the night train from Munich to Rome? Any thoughts? I am planning a trip next fall was thinking of spending a few days in Rome after 10 days in Germany.

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Can't comment specifically on that route but we have taken the night train from Geneva to Rome. It is an efficient way to travel but you will miss some nice scenery. It is a trade off. Also, make sure that your hotel in Rome will store your luggage for the day and have a "sleepy" day of sightseeing planned because you will arrive VERY early and perhaps have a long day ahead of you until you can check into your hotel and freshen up.

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Have you thought of flying? Not sure if you are using a rail pass but I think you can fly for about 80euro on Airberlin 1 way. I think flying + 1 night in a (cheap) hotel = the cost of an overnight train with berth. Just be sure you don't have too much luggage or the airline will charge you extra.