# of days - Berlin/Vienna/Prague/Krakow/Budapest

I am trying to plan a trip to several cities, I am using a free ff ticket to travel and the airlines have changed their schedules so many times, I have had to keep reorganizing things. I am so frustrated, I have just spoken to the airline again and my schedule has been changed again and now some of my flights do not connect, In short, I have to cut some days out of some places. I am not on an open jaw ticket, so please do not tell me oh, from ? to ? you can take the train. I have flights between various cities as part of my free ticket. As a bare minimum how long should a first time visitor spend in each of these cities, I had worked out my itinerary but now I need to make some changes due to the flight schedules being changed, this is the best itinerary I can come up with based on the new flight schedule:-

Berlin - 2 and a half days.
Vienna - 3 days (one day trip to Melk planned)
Budapest - 3 days (is this too long)
Krakow - 2 days (will go to the salt mines for half a day)
Prague - 2 days

This is not what I had planned orginally, I was going to spend longer in Berlin and Vienna, but now I can't any advice will be appreciated, I need to call the airline back to redo my free ticket asap.

Thanks in advance.

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I am contemplating a very similar trip. Have only been to Berlin and Vienna previously. Two full days in Berlin is o.k. Ditto three days in Vienna if you did not have the day trip planned. Two full days is short for Vienna. We did that and missed the Belvedere Palace with the Klimt, somewhat rushed the main art museum.

My research also makes me lean toward giving Budapest more time than Prague. I was thinking more like 4-5 for Budapest with day trip to Eger, and 3 for Prague. Being more spread out, Budapest is said to be less overwhelmed under the weight of tourism, as Prague is said to be more compact with everyone jammed in one place. The way Rick talks about Prague, it sounds like everyone is out to rip you off in one way or another. Budapest it's mostly the cab drivers. Folks have said on this board that the people are more friendly in Budapest. When you add it all up, that's the reason for my lean toward more time in Budapest. But, I have not been to those cities, this is just based upon my research. It will be interesting to see the responses to your post.

A general comment, your stays seem really short given the time you will lose in transit.

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Loved Vienna.
Loved Prague.
Budapest - a little less, but there is plenty to keep you busy for 3 days

You don't say which legs of your trip are by air. Some of your destinations are fairly close by train. Since train stations are in/near city centers and airports are outlying, it can be faster to take a train - and train fare might not be much more (or as much) as taxi fare from the airport. There is also a cheap bus service from Budapest-Vienna, 2 hours - same as the train

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Thanks for the feedback, my flight from Budapest to Berlin and Krakow to Berlin, I need to return to Berlin to leave (by air),

So, this is what I have worked out

Day 1 arrive Budapest, stayovernight
Day 2 am dept for Vienna by train
Day 3 Vienna
Day 4 Vienna
Day 5 Vienna
Day 6 Vienna to Budapest by train
Day 7 Budapest
Day 8 Budapest
Day 9 Budapest
Day 10 Fly am to Berlin, flight arrives 8 am
Day 11 Train to Prague
Day 12 Prague
Day 13 Prague overnight train to Krakow
Day 14 Krakow
Day 15 Krakow
Day 16 Flight Krakow to Berlin
Day 17 Berlin
Day 18 Dept Berlin pm flight

How does this look? Also, any accomodation recommendations in either city will be appreciated. I was planning of taking public transport from the aiport to my hotels, on day 1 in Budapest and day 10 in Berlin I was planning on staying near the train stn, since I am only staying for one night in each city. Also, this is part of a longer trip to Europe, so my flight into Budapest and out of Berlin are intra European flights, so I am not concerned about jet lag on day 1.

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I did basically the same trip (but I used the train) and went Berlin-Krakow-Dresden (a miserable city)-Prague-Budapest-Vienna-Munich. Two days would be the minimum for Berlin and three would be better. You can get by with two days in Krakow but if you want to head to Auschwitz then add a full day or restrict your sight seeing accordingly. Prague and Budapest are each worth two or three days and I now lean much more to Budapest because the Prague of today (2010) does not much resemble the city as I saw it for the first time back in 1991.