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500 year old map of Paris with such detail... take a look. I thought that Paris-philes really, really might enjoy seeing this 500 yer old map of Paris France. It has such detail in the street names/ buildings/cathedrals/walls/etc. It really is a work of art! And I LOVE the windmills just outside of the walls north of "la grande rue monmartre" and how western Paris ends at the enclosed "St Germain des Pres" with a graveyard outside. Are any of the original gates around this walled city still standing? And the Bastille used to be so beautiful! I'd love to hear what you think!

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Odd. The maps don't seem to have any Franpix, Picard, or Orange outlets listed???
wassup with that;)

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But I did see that they at the corner 'rue de la huechette' and 'le chat qui peche' of the did have an "Amorino Gelato"!

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That is pretty cool. Fun to zoom in on areas that I'm familiar with and see what they were like back then. Agree about the graveyards that have since been dug-up and the bones all moved to the catacombs. I'm also curious if parts of the old city wall survive and can be seen today. Thanks for posting.