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5 Hour Layover in Basel, Switzerland--Can I Tour Basel?

Hi all. I will have a 5 hour layover in Basel on my way from Rome to London. Is it possible to see the town in this short amount of time? Is the town close enough to the airport so I can get on a bus or something? Thanks!

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There is a bus from the Euroairport to the Swiss Rail (SBB) station. It takes about 20 min, one way. But, if you want to be back at the airport a minimum of 1 hr before your flight (2 hours would be better), then 5 hours minus 1 hr, minus 2x20 min minus deboarding and reboarding, security, etc, only leaves you a coupe of hours. Is that enough time? I saw Italy in about 3 hours last years. A couple of hours for just one town should be plenty.

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Thanks for the reply. Ya, I forgot to mention that I know it will be tough in terms of time, but going for even an hour is worth it to me. I've always wanted to see Switzerland and even though we can't do it on this trip, the hour or 2 in Basel is totally fine with me. :)

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We took Bus 15 or 16 for a loop visit through downtown then up through a beautiful residential area. While on the bus, an elderly man heard us talking and came to talk to us as he was getting off the bus. He had lived in LA for 2 years in the 1950's; it was a priceless, yet unexpected, experience. We actually got off the bus with him to continue the conversation and wait for the connecting bus. I think this would fit your schedule.