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5 days in Germany

Flying in/out Frankfurt, want to see Munich, Rhine & Rothenburg plus places along the way. Route, bus,train suggestions, please!

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Do you have RS guide book that covers Germany yet? If so, good. If not, you should get one as it is full of useful information for your planning that we found very helpful when we toured Germany last year.

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That's a lot of ground travel for 5 days when you have to get back to FRA, and Munich takes more time than you have. Suggest Rhine (2 nights needed for getting around to a few villages and a couple castles), Rothenburg (1 night), Würzburg (1 night, either first or last), and maybe Bamberg or Nuremberg (1 night, or spend 2 in Würzburg and visit Bamberg or Nuremberg as a daytrip.) Bamberg is fabulously well preserved, just a beautiful fun place. Provide travel dates for specific transport suggestions.

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I would love to say, "Oh you can do it, and this is how", but I just can't. One more day, and maybe, but not in 5. Even if the day you arrived you went straight to the Rhine. You would want that afternoon and the next day in the area. The third day travel to Rothenburg and spend the afternoon. You would be leaving for Munich on the 4th day. Munich requires more than an afternoon. You are talking about too many directions in too few days. As much as I love Munich (I will be there next Wednesday!), I would say you have to skip it, or the Rhine.

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If you really want to see Muinch, you could skip the Rhine, or you could skip Rothenburg and "places along the way" If you skipped RodT you could do the Rhine and see the pictureqsue old towns along the way, and then still have at least 2 full days to enjoy Munich. Train is probably your best bet, none of those tickets should be too expensive or difficult to obtain. Go to to check schedules and prices.

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Wurzburg Bamberg Munich Munich and ??? ... What time do you fly out of Frankfurt? Be certain you book really centrally located hotels and I would travel light so you can really be on the go. I like to move around a lot and get up and go to my next destination first thing each morning. Being organized and being organized so you don't wasted time waiting for trains is key.

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It's about 5 hours by train from Frankfurt to Munich. That doesn't include time getting to/from hotel.