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5 days in France

A friend and I will be visiting France for five days- the first visit for both of us. Can anyone reccommend what we should do to get the most out of the trip?

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I like to begin trip planning by checking out all available videos from the library. As I watch, I make a list of the sites/activities that look most interesting. Then I go to the bookstore and buy Rick's guidebook and the Lonely Planet guidebook. I prioritize my list and see what fits in the amount of time I have. This way I feel confident that I will do the things that appeal most to me.

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I personally would spend the entire 5 days in Paris, if you can afford it.

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Since it is a short trip, you might find that you get more out of it by seeing "less". You could easily spend five days with Paris as your base and still do some day trips (eg. Versailles). I think if you try to cover too much ground you will find that you spend the majority of your time travelling and don't actually get to see much of France at all. I am partial because I adore Paris, but I can't imagine visiting France without spending a good chunk of time in the City of Light.

What time of year is your trip? Also what types of activities are important to you when you travel (eg. cultural, sightseeing, outdoor activities?)? This type of information is helpful if you are looking for specific advice..

Good Luck!

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Use Paris as a base and train out on short day trips to Chartre,Rheims and the Loire. Paris has so much in and of itself that 2 weeks there would not seem enuf

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Thank you!
I am going mid-April. We were thinking of seeing Paris for three days and Nice for two. Staying in Paris seems easier and more relaxing!

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I agree with the others. Even 5 days in Paris is not enough! You will definitely want to go back another time.

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If you have your heart set on seeing both Nice and Paris, fly into Paris and fly home from Nice. After many trips to France, I agree with most of the previous responses; stay in Paris and take day trips to the surrounding area. Versailles is an easy day trip. As previously suggested by others, a visit to one or two Loire valley chateaux would also make a great day trip. I'm sure you'll have a great trip whatever you decide.

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I wouldn't try to do Paris and Nice in one day by the time you figure in transport and jet lag you really have less than three.

Nice depending on when you are going but from Spring through summer is croweded and overly touristy. Great scene if you are in your early 20's and love the college/clubbing scene or hooking up with other backpackers. But if not I would save the south for another time.

In Paris I reccomend looking at renting a studio for 5 days. If you are ok sleeping in the same room as your friend. More often than not it is a more economical route.

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Thanks you everyone for your advice. It has been extremely helpful. I have taken it and we have decided to spend the time in Paris and I am lookig into renting a studio. Thanks!

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I agree 100% to spend the time in Paris as others have written. I find Paris to be very inexpensive especially compared to San Francisco (I live 5 min north), New York and other US Cities, even with the bad exchange rate.