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5 best German destinations for women

The British 'Female First' magazine wrote an article about the 5 best German destinations - from a woman's point of view... LINK On top of that list - of course: HAMBURG

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I'm not surprised Hamburg ranked so high, with all the high-end shopping around the Binnenalster. However, the article didn't mention that OTHER famous part of Hamburg, which is known to employ hundreds of women...

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I kind of laughed at the statement that Bavaria is the oldest part of Germany. Wondering what facts that might be based on, and why this would have anything to do with making it a good destination for women. Personally, I find articles like this to be simplistic as well as sexist.

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I fail to see why these destinations would appeal only to women and not everyone. Except for the shopping in Hamburg (and the assumption that all women love shopping is a stereotype), these travel suggestions would fit many people's interests in Germany. It sounds like the "articles" are secondary to this website's main purpose: selling stuff and providing a space for ads.

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Jo, I agree with your assessment. The "oldest" statement is for Bavaria as a state, I think, not a geological or historical reference.

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The list appears simply to be an enumeration of top vacation spots in Germany according to the writer...I didn't see where it mentioned the "according to women" part. Yes, the article is in a women's "gossip" magazine, so I guess one might deduce that the list is according to women, I suppose. I agree that the magazine might be sort of sexist, but I didn't read anything sexist in the article itself. At any rate, it's no different than any other list of top places to see...always just someone's opinions.