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5-6 Days in Switzerland

My boyfriend and I will have 5-6 days in Switzerland near the end of August, and I would love to know the must see's for that short time frame. We will have a car, and also have a friend that lives in Basel (will probably be staying with him). We are spending the week prior in Italy. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kristen,
In Lucerne you can take a steamer from the Lucerne dock (near the train station) to Vitznau. If the weather is clear enough, take the Vitznau-Rigi Bahn to the top of Rigi mountain... what a view! Steamer fares are not exorbitant; these ships are also public transit for folk who live at those fantastic villages on Lake Lucerne. There are frequent trips to and from all lake stops.
Your friend in Basel could show you the very cool sights of his hometown ... Gute Reise ! P.

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Definetly go to Muren, etc. and stay there a night or two at the Jaungfrau.

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You will love Switzerland. We took the train from Milan to Lucerne and then on to Murren. Get ready for a wide range of tempature. We were there the last week of August and the first week of Sept. After waiting 2/12 hours for the late train in Milan in 97 degrees heat we got on the train with other Americans getting off telling us they had been robbed on the train. We had first class tickets and reserved seats. People were in our seat. Turned out you could buy a first class ticket and not reserve a seat. People had to stand for the trip with first class! We got off the train in Lucerne and had a very nice time. We have done the boat trip and that was fun.

Our favorite area is around Murren. We get a pass on the local train and hop off and on. Some nights we went down to Interlaken for dinner. It was below 30 degrees in the mountains. We have sailing jackets that have zip out linings for the weather. Many of the flowers had already frozen. We are going in July.