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Okay, I admit it, I'm a complete luddite when it comes to technology! I'll be spending a month in Paris and I'm taking my macbook (for free wifi in my apartment), a cell phone, a digital camera, a hairdryer (yes, I like my own). Can someone PLEASE clarify exactly what plugs, adapters, etc. I need to have in order to charge and use these devices? And where I should purchase them. Thank you so much.

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Most laptops are dual-voltage, so for your macbook, you should only need a plug adapter (round shape and two round plugs). For the hair dryer, you will need a voltage converter. Make the sure the plug face is round, or else it won't fit into the sockets in France (my mom bought one that wouldn't fit in the sockets). Not certain about your cell phone and digital camera...

You can buy these online (wouldn't surprise me if this website sold them) or in the travel section of any department store.

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The hairdryer may just need an adapter as well. A lot of hair dryers have a small switch on them that says "110V/240V". If so you just need the adapter not a converter. For all other items simply check the specs on each item if it says something like "AC Input 110V-240V", it will accept all voltages, you just need the adapter plug, no converter. Click the "travel store" tab above to order the adapter.

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However, if you hair dryer needs a converter, then leave it home and buy one there. Any high wattage items does not do well with a converter. It was not perform as well and most likely over time will be damaged. I am sure the rest of your digital items will be fine with a plug adapter as previously stated.

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I would suggest that even if your hairdryer is dual voltage, you might be happier buying one there anyway. Dual voltage hair appliances never seem to do well (you can only use them on low setting, for instance). You would probably be able to find the same brand you already have in France.

Buy your plug adapters for everything else while you are still here. You can buy them at places like hardware stores, Target, Walmart, or online.

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For a luddite you've got lots of e-toys (g). Don't forget that you can used the Skype application with your Mac to call home (either to a computer or another cell phone). If you've got an Iphone you can also do Skype w/o it costing a cent (if to another Skype user) or two cents per minute (just calling anyone in States, not cell phone or computer user)

I'd make sure that my room was secure (safe for smaller electronics) when taking these items or lock computer in suitcase etc.