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Paris Museum Pass

I was double checking the Paris Museum Pass on line and instead of the 30 euro price Rick quoted for a 2-day pass it says 79 euro. Can that be right? Seems like it can't be worth that.

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You can also get one direct from Rail Europe. We just got a 3 day pass for $48, much cheaper than we could get from the other web sites. I believe they had a two day pass also.

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I found this too, it must be a private company that sells them to people who don't know any better. It seemed like a great idea to have the thing when I arrived. After researching the whole subject ad nauseum, I'm going to buy mine when I get there from at a musee that is "less popular" where I don't have to wait.

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We just got back from Paris and paid 30 euro for the museum pass. We purchased ours at the musee d'orsay--it's very easy to purchase them at any of the major sites. I would wait until I got there to buy it so you know you are getting exactly what you are paying for. It sounds like there may be "knock offs" out there.

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The 79 Euro pass is what is known as the "Paris Pass," which seems to lump together a 2-day Paris Museum Pass along with 2 days of transportation, plus an hour-long Seine river cruise, a bus tour of the city I believe, plus discounts at various stores. You have to ask yourself if the additional benefits are worth an extra 49 Euro to you over two days....especially when you can purchase 10 subway tickets for less than 12 Euro (and you'll be walking much of the time, anyway). For the real "Paris Museum Pass," follow the link already noted in another posting Also, be aware that RailEurope is still selling 3 and 5 days passes...still legit, and something that may better fit into your travel schedule.

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We just got back, and the price was 30 euros for a two day pass. We purchased ours at the Arch de Triomphe.

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Don't forget that all mussums in Paris are free for students and kids < 18 years old. Only the parents need to buy one. The best part about them is bypassing the long lines of people waiting.

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if you're aggresive (do 2 sites a day at least), then you're better off to buy the pass, otherwise don't. ie: louvre is about 8 euros, and if you're tired at the end, then don't bother with the pass (it works out about 10 to 12 euros a day). but if you still have energy to climb the arch at night, then it's a deal.

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It does seem expensive, but consider the following bonus aspects of the pass: 1) no waiting in line (they have a special pass entry at most spots); 2) you can go back to the same place on multiple days (e.g., Louvre) and thus pace yourself on the overdose of art; 3) CLEAN BATHROOMS!; 4) bathrooms with no waiting in line.

Buy your pass at a less popular spot. I actually bought mine at the Eurostar travel center in London before taking the chunnel to Paris.

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Twice I have bought mine at the archeological crypt in front of the Cathedral de Notre Dame. It's one of those lightly visited and highly underated places that you might not pay to go without the pass. We go there first to see the old Paris underneath the current Paris, and I buy my museum pass there. Then we go up the tower at Notre Dame, also using the pass. Kids free - it has been a great deal for us. You don't feel like you are wasting money if you just pop in somewhere for an hour to hit the highlights - like the Musee Rodin or the crypt.

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I read on a different post that the Museum Pass is no longer available at the Archaeological Crypt; that was where I preferred to buy it too. We'll probably try to get ours this fall at the Musée Rodin.

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I don't see the Notre Dame Tower listed. Would it be called something else?

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I was in Paris over the Christmas holidays and I did not buy a pass even though I thought that I would. I found that you have to be really sure about when you are going to use it, how many days in a row that you will be available to tour and what attractions are opened on which days. Once you start the pass you are commitment to keep using it for the duration of the days. With Christmas in the middle of our trip, it was not economical for us at all. Wait until you get to Paris - I found that our plans changed because we found other things to do and see.