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3 or 4 night trip to Poland from Berlin

My wife, 13 year old son and I want to spend a few nights in Poland, taking the train from Berlin, around June 29th. We didn't want to take a LONG train ride so we were wondering if Szczecin or Poznan would be worth while. Or are there any other towns or villages in that area that we could enjoy for a short stay? We do not know any Polish but I do speak German. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Michael, Stettin is worth a trip! It's a beautiful Baltic Sea coast city (although it's actually located in a bay) stuffed with history. Before WW2 it used to be Germany's 3rd largest city! From there visit the peninsulas of Wolin and Usedom. The beaches are phantastic and you can stay in beautiful beach front mansions. There is easy rail connection from Berlin to Stettin. Because in 1945 Poland was ethnically cleansed from Germans and the border between the Peoples' Republic of Poland and the German Democratic Republic was well closed during Cold War you don't really find a lot of German speaking people in Poland, not even in border cities. BUT most younger people speak English at least sufficiently.

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How was your travel to Szczecin / Stettin, Michael?
Thank you for the nice description of Szczecin / Stettin and the area of German-Polish border, Andreas.