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4 weeks in Europe great itinerary

My 50th anniversary is coming up(2013)Would like to plan great surprise my husband. Must see:Chamonix(3 days),Paris(3 days),Chateau de Chillon,Stay in Murren( 3 days)Grindenwald,Mt Pilatus,Mateerhorn,Use golden pass and Bernase scenic trains,Black forest and river cruise on Danube or Rhine,Castles,Saltzburg,Hallstatstatt,Cinque Terre(Vernazza4days)your ideas.Please put in order and add your fly into...ride by.. stay in...

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One thing that stands out is the Cinque Terre. It is not close to anything on your list and doesn't have a great airport to fly back home, assuming you live outside Europe. If you can cut that I would consider it. If not, I would cut something else and add time to Milan, Florence, Rome, or somewhere else in Italy. For order, I would do France (flying into Paris), Switzerland, Germany, Salzburg and fly home from Vienna or Munich. I have heard the Black Forest is overated, but have not been myself. I also personally think the Rhine is better than the Danube and has some great castle options.

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thanks Lindy for your reply. Question: What country out of Switz. Germany,austria has best scenic drives and are not too difficult to navigate? We want to travel by car and rail.

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Overall, lots of good stuff. Agree with last poster that Cinque Terre is a bit out of the way. I would also say that while very picturesque, not worth anywhere near 4 days on your itinerary. If you want to go there, you might go through Lake Como (Bellagio) to Milan and down. Not sure about time distribution of 3 days in Paris and 3 days in Chamonix. Agree with previous thought of cutting Italy and extending to the east; from Saltzburg to Vienna and perhaps Prague. I think I would fly into Paris, if you want Chamonix, go there next but I would probably cut it, on to Lucern and Murren, then to Saltzburg, Vienna, and Prague. Alternatives: drop into Italy and skip Saltzburg, flying home from Rome, skip Italy, Vienna, and Prague and go to Munich and other areas in southern Germany.