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4 hours at CDG airport

After a 3 week vacation to France & Spain we have a 4 hour layover at CDG airport. And no the flights can't be changed. Is there anything close by to do for a couple of hours?

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Am I right in assuming that you will be flying home after that layover and that the four hours are from your scheduled landing to your scheduled departure? If so, then don't go anywhere. You'll need lots of advance check-in time for a flight back to the US.

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4 hours isn't that long if it's between scheduled arrival and departure. If you have to take their trams to and from remote terminals, the ones I took were 20 minutes each way. Plus it often takes 10-15 minutes to deplane, assuming everything goes well.
I'd recommend just finding your outgoing gate and setting up camp nearby. We went to a nearby gate that wasn't active and sat down and relaxed for a couple of hours, when we had a long layover at CDG.

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Thanks for the advice. Yes we are returning home and have to go from terminal 2 to terminal 3. Both Air France. Maybe because we are flying business class we can use the Air France lounge.

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Also, the signs may not be clear, but last year they were using the US rules on water. We bought some in the main terminal while changing from a flight from Rome to one to the US. They took our water at the security. Then they took the water we bought to replace it as we got on the bus to go to the plane. At least it wasn't wine or perfume.

You can go shopping in the airport.

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i concur with everyone above

4 hours seems long, but it really isn't by the time you disembark, take the tram to the terminal, head to your next gate, grab your last jambom fromage baquette, browse the shops a little it will be time to take the tram back out to your plane.