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4 days stopover

Hi All
We are flying from India to US in sept.We have 4 days stopover in frankfurt.Its me my spouse and our 5 yr old kid.
We were wondering whats the best way to use these 4 days.We have never traveled in europe so would like to see as much as possible on a budget.Does trying to cover Amsterdam and paris too much ? should we just do frankfurt and amsterdam as our flight is again back from frankfurt.
thanks a lot for the help

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Sam, if budget is a concern it is better to go to just one place, rather than spend extra money on travel between the two. Also, with 3 nights in one place you might be able to find a studio apartment, which generally costs less than a hotel room.

Why not just Paris?

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Hi Sasha
thanks for the reply.Frankly since this trip is on of those 'once in a lifetime' kindda thing,i am being greedy and trying to see as much as I can :)
on another note,someone told me i can see paris wihtin a day max. What can be done there for 3 days?

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With a small child, I think sitting on a train 4 hours one way and 4 hours back again in one day is going to be torture. Please do rethink this plan.

Staying in Frankfurt allows you to take multiple day trips that your entire family will enjoy. Consider riding up the Rhine to whichever castle you like and then back down again. You could go to Kronberg and tour that castle as well as stroll through their very pretty Alt Stadt, and all set in the middle of the Taunus Mountains. This is only 22 min. away from the city center with the S-bahn. Also nearby in Bad Homburg is the Saalburg, a reconstructed Roman Fort and Hessen Park, an open air museum. S-bahn tickets cost about 3.80 p.p. a 5 year old is free.

Frankfurt is near to Heidelburg and Würzburg too, between 1-2 hours on the train.

Using Länder tickets, the whole family can travel all day from Frankfurt to any of these places for around 50-60 euro for the entire day.

In Frankfurt itself, your family can do and see lots of things that a 5 year old will enjoy too. The Senckenburg Museum, the Palmengarten, the Antique Tram Museum, the Communication Museum, and of course the Frankfurt Zoo.