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4 days in Switzerland

I am travelling to Switzerland for 4 days with my husband (13th-16th Nov this year) and want to travel to Jungfraujoch and possibly some other areas via train depending on the weather. I have read in various websites to not book anything in advance as weather around this time in unpredictable so have not booked anything or got any travel passes. Also we have already booked our hotel in Zurich for the 4 days so we do not have the flexibility to stay anywhere else and will have to come back each night. Is it worth getting a pass and is it easy to book the panoramic trains a day before when we are there? Please advice what best to do in my situation.

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The problem with November is that the views from those "panoramic trains" are often heavily muted by the damp atmosphere. You could get lucky with a clear day, but don't count on it, and the weather could change by the time you reach the Berner Oberland. If you want a mountain experience, I suggest you keep a flexible schedule and head to Luzern on the first day with relatively clear skies. It isn't as far away from Zurich, so there's less of a chance that the clouds will have rolled back in by the time you reach your destination.

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I haven't taken the panoramic trains, but would second Tom's suggestion of Lucerne. Because it's close and accessible, you could go whichever day seems like the best chance of good weather. We ended up there on a cloudy day but once we got halfway up Mount Rigi we were above the clouds and it was gorgeous and sunny.