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4 days in Spain

Where would you visit if you were taking a four day holiday to Spain? We are Americans currently living in Europe. Hubby has asked that I make plans for his four day weekend holidays for next year. I've picked the countries and am now wanting help to make the most of the days. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you very much. We will be flying and are willing to rent a car if needed, although trains are fine. We like to see the natural beauty of an area. We enjoy the historical aspect of a place. We like touristy as well as off the beaten path places. We like to go to places where we find out how things work, such as a winery, chocolatier, watch making, etc. We will have three teens so I am interested in places your teens have enjoyed as well. The dates from which to choose: June 2-5
July 21-24 October 29-1

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Depends on how much you like heat. Personally (I don't) I'd choose the end of October, because late July is going to be uncomfortably hot (at least for me) in much of Spain, and early June has the potential to be pretty hot, too, although much more tolerably. Have you ever been to Spain before? This would obviously make a big difference. I'd plan on the end of October (or maybe that first week of June) and head for Madrid or perhaps Barcelona. With only 4 days, you should stick to one location (MAYBE with a side trip), and either city would have plenty to keep you entertained for a few days. Hope that helps.

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No, we have never been to Spain.
Thanks greatly for the input...this is what I'm needing!

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Julie - some of the cities of Spain seem to make for natural 4 day holiday - though I agree that the heat would make me stay away from the July date. We were in Spain this past March - spent 3 nights in Madrid and could have easily stayed a 4th. Its just a great city with wonderful museums (many of which are free at different days/times of the week), but also fun restaurants, bars, good lively feel - I think your teens would like it. Also Sevilla was a WONDERFUL place and again, we were there for 3 nights, but 4 would have been great. Just a nice wandering around city and I think there are tours of the sherry distilleries (?) located close by - so a day tour would be interesting. The bullfighting museum was interesting, etc. For something a little different - the small town of Segovia has the roman aquaduct which we thought was GREAT, and since it is not as far south, might be more pleasant in June than Madrid or Sevilla? And we'd really like to see some of the northern towns - Basque region, etc. I think that would be pretty different. We really enjoyed in general learning more about Spanish wines, though we didn't go to any wineries, and the food culture (i.e. tapas) was great. Also, we knew less about Spain than most other European countries, so that was also a plus for us.