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4 days in Berner Oberland - Hikes and other stuff.


My husband and I are going to reach BO, we are staying in Lauterbrunnen on Day 1 at around 4:30 pm in the afternoon. (this includes are check in time into the hotel. ) We are going to be based in hotel Staubbach in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Once we check in, I was thinking maybe we can spend rest of the evening walking around the town of Lauterbrunnen, or if anyone has suggestions for short/quick hikes they are welcome.
The rest of the 3 days (all weather dependant and in not specific order)
1. We will spend an entire day going up to Jungfrau -but we are going to do the lift/hike combination as recommended by Rick Steve -> Mannlichen-Kleine Scheidegg Hike. In this manner we will also get to explore Wengen on our way back from Jungfrau. I was wondering how long this entire trip would take, and if we are energetic could we do something else after this?
2. NorthFace Trail from Allemndhubel. -> We will spend a day doing this and will consider combining it with some mini hikes for instance since we are in Lauterbrunnen, we will probably go up to Gimmelwald and then hike to Murren from Gimmelwald and then take the funicular to Allmendhubel.
3. Need a hike recommendation - we were considering the Gimmelwald - Tanzbodeli-Obersteinberg-Stechelberg - but any other alternate recommendations are welcome.
Please let me know if we are skipping any complete must see or must do hike in the this region.


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-For an easy hike from Lauterbrunnen head in the direction of Trummelbach Falls (there are signs which will point you in the right direction). It will probably be closed by the time you reach it, but the scenery along the way is excellent and the hike is totally flat.

-Jungfrau plus the Mannlichen-Kleine Scheidegg hike is a full shouldn't try to squeeze anymore in. The scenery in the region is so spectacular that it's tempting to hike everyday until your legs give out. But it's important to pace yourself and not over do it. Your feet, knees, and back will thank you:)

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From Hotel Staubbauch you can hike up to Wengen and take the cable car back to Lauterbrunnen. The hike is less than 1 hour.

I did this everyday before dinner. Nice way to burn 600 calories before feasting on Roesti.

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CLICK HERE to see hiking trails in the B.O. Maps, degree of difficulty, etc.

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Simran, the Gimmelwald-Tanzbodeli-Obersteinberg-Stechelberg hike is a great hike. It is a modestly strenuous hike with varied kinds of beauty along the way. Just a word of caution--the trail that goes around Tanzbodeli is not for people who are afraid of heights since it has some exposure. It's not sheer-drop-off-into-the-abyss kind of exposure, but a very steep slope falling away to a sheer cliff. The views from Tanzbodeli and the trail past it are awesome. If you do that hike, be sure to stop in at the Obersteinberg berghaus and have some of Vicki vonAlmen's cheese. (She's originally from the States.)

As you walk around Lauterbrunnen, take a stroll through the cemetery by the church. The distinctive gravestones with signs to people's careers will give you insight into the community and people who live there.

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We stayed at Hotel Staubbach last July and really enjoyed it. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the view from the breakfast room of Staubbach falls is breathtaking! The grocery store closes early (I think 5 pm) and is closed on Sundays. I highly recommend the "Rosti" at the Hotel Oberland restaurant. Lauterbrunnen is small town and it is easy to find your hotel from the train station.

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I second the recommendation for Hotel Oberland for Rosti. The owners are very friendly and nice. (They actually remembered us in 2008 from our visit in 2003...we were shocked) The hike to Obersteinberg is phenomenal...we did it in 2003 and could hardly wait to get back and do it again in 2008. However, we also found another hike that was equally fantastic. We rode the train up to the Schyngie Platte and hiked to First stopping at a hut (Falhorn I think) for lunch. What a day. As for the all depends on how much time you spend at the top and if you are taking the train all the way down. We did it in 2003 and it took all day, but we hiked from Kleine Schedegg to Wengen. My sister did it last September, they didn't hike to Wengen, but they enjoyed a nice meal at Kleine Schedegg and it took them most of the day as well. Another pleasant hike/walk is Murren to Grutschalp where you catch the lift down (it used to be a funicular, which I miss). You pass a dairy farm/lumber mill where you might catch some activity going on. One hike I wouldn't do: hiking from Murren down to Lauterbrunnen. It was all downhill, but what a slog. We hated it. We did enjoy the Lauterbrunnen to Wengen hike mentioned above. You go by some wonderful swiss homes, I half expected to see Heidi and Grandfather come out of one of them. Have a great time.