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4 day Paris Museum Passes not available on the official website

I am planning a trip to Paris at the end of June. When I went to purchase the 4 day Paris Museum Pass on the official website ( it states that the pass is no longer available to purchase online. Does anyone know if this is permanent or if it is just a temporary situation. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I don't know if this is temporary or permanent. Whichever it is, buy your pass when you get to Paris and you won't have to pay for having it shipped to your home.

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I agree with Tim. Just get it in Paris. If it is not available in Paris, then they discontinued it (temp or not).

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If you really want to order on line the following are available at Bon Voyage!

Paris Museum Pass 2 Days 38,00 €

Paris Museum Pass 3 Days 47,00 €

Paris Museum Pass 4 Days 59,00 €

Paris Museum Pass 5 Days 67,00 €

Paris Museum Pass 6 Days 79,00 €

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Echoing the others... it's really easy to buy the pass in Paris.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I went to the paris museum pass site today and the 4 and 6 day passes are now available. You have to click on the 2 day pass and then you have the option to buy the 2, 4 , or 6 day pass.

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The Museum Pass is the last thing you should worry about buying advance. Once you're there and you've confirmed the days you want to visit museums, just buy it at any of the participating museums. Easily done.

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Agree with posters. I don't understand why anyone would even consider buying it online when it's so easy to pick up when you need it.

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Hi Jason:

Barb and I arrived in Paris this past Wednesday April 29 at CDG Terminal C. We purchased our 4 day passes at the information desk in Terminal C. This is the TI by the newspaper stand. I believe the cost was 49 euros per pass. It does not start until you sign and date it.

We also purchased our RER train tickets to Paris from the same person. She also gave us all of the metro rer and bus maps.

It seemed too goog to be true. They open at 7:00 AM.

Happy Travels


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We just got back from our trip. We were in Paris May 20 - 24th. We purchased the 4 day pass from the first museum we visited, which happened to be the Roudin. No line, no shipping fee, no problems. You should be fine doing the same. Have fun. The pass is great.

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I sell the Carte Musee passes and know for a fact that they still exist. I also sell railpasses and other city discounts all over Europe. If you purchase enough at one tip, the shipping fee is waived.

If you don't plan to do any rail travel at all or purchase anything other than the Carte Musee, go to one of the less crowded museums like the Rodin Museum and buy your Carte Musee there.

Feel free if you have any questions to ask.