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3rd, 15th, or 18th arrondissement?


I am renting an apartment in Paris for a week in June and have narrowed my choices down to three. (I know I have to reserve soon, because they are all getting booked up!) Does anyone have an opinion about which would be the best location? Lots of people on this forum have already helped with information about Montmartre, but I still can't decide what to do.

  1. 3rd arrondissement, Rue Commines $580 (Smallest apartment out of the three, with a sofa bed)

15th arrondissement, Rue Miollis

18th arrondissement, Rue des Trois Freres
(Cutest and most comfortable-looking on the inside, but I've heard bad things about Montmartre being touristy and tacky)

Thank you so much for any advice you can give me!

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I'll plump for the one on Mollis in the 15th. We usually stay in an apartment at the top end of the 14th, not far from there, and we've ranged all over the area. What we like is that you probably won't see another tourist while you're in that area. There are also nice little restaurant-cafe-bars scattered all over the place, with a nice grouping right at Place Cambronne nearby, there are little supermarkets within easy reach, and you're close to the elevated part of the Metro line that runs along Garibaldi. You're also only a couple of stops from the Denfert-Rochereau station, which provides direct access to the RER line B (to and from CDG) and, of course, for day trips to places like Versailles (with transfers.) There's also a great market under the elevated Metro a little farther along Garibaldi-Grenelle (it changes name partway along) that's open Wednesdays and Sundays starting at about 7, clothing, etc. It's between the Motte-Piquet and Dupleix Metro stations.

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this is an opinion only reply...the difference in price is so insignificant that nothing should really be based on that. for a week, a difference in $135 is nothing--less than $20 a day. pick the area you like the best and, possibly most importantly, the one you 'feel' the best about. it is like always sticking with your first answer on a multiple choice test--what does your gut tell you?

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My 2 cents...I'd pick the "cutest and most comfortable".

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Beth - I would recommend the 15th - we stayed in the 14th back in 2008 and loved it.

As noted already - these areas have fewer tourists and you get a real feel for Paris. You are still able to walk or take the metro to the attractions.

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Stella. We are staying in a Chambre d'Hote in the 15th this September. Have you got some tips for good eating places, markets etc. anything of interest in the area. One of the reasons we chose the 15th, was to be be off the tourist route a bit. Hopefully, we can experience the 'real' Paris in the 7 days we are there.

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Beth hasn't indicated her choice yet. Wherever she ends up, I recommend walking around the neighborhood to see what's there. See which places are busy, where food is sold, where the boulangerie is busiest, where the parks and playgrounds are, where the Metro and bus stops are. Then you know enough about the neighborhood to shop, hang out, have a meal or drink, etc. In the 15th I would expect less "English Spoken" than in the other 2 areas. I stayed there at the Hotel Eden one year. It was interesting to be in a neighborhood that had nothing to do with tourism, just ordinary people going about their lives. My hotel seemed to cater to French business travelers. It was about a 30-minute walk from there to rue Cler in case I needed to be there.

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Thank you so much for all of the input! I think we are going to go with the one in the 15th. It's cuter than the one in the 3rd, and it will be interesting to stay in a part of Paris that doesn't cater so much to tourists. Plus, it looks like it isn't too far from Rue Cler, which Rick Steves recommends. From what several of you have said, it seems that staying in one of the outer arrondissements isn't much of a problem. Thank you!

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Hi Beth, I stayed at the Ibis in the 15th my one and only time in Paris and it was great. As long as you're close to the metro it's so easy to get anywhere.