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36 Hours in Munich

Passing through Munich in November and will be there for about 36 hours - arriving around Noon on Day 1 and then a full day and night on Day 2. We're already planning to go to Dachau on the morning of our second day. Any thoughts for the afternoon and evening on day 1 and the evening of day 2? Thanks!

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There is a downtown fun, interesting, historic bike tour that lasts ~ 4 hours. Best bang for the amount of time you have. Its called Mike Bikes Tour. My wife and I did it and had a blast. I assume this will be an active tour in November. I highly recommend. Have a good trip..

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For the evening I would go to the Schwabing district, ask at the hotel, a very popular area among the locals. I saw it once ages Sept. 1977. For the afternoon, depending upon which interest has greater priority, science or history. For science see the Deutsches Museum and especially the planes. For history go to the Feldherrnhalle and see the military heroes of Bavaria...these generals who switched sides against the Emperor Napoleon in their campaign to kick out les francais from Germany. This site and the nearby Odeonplatz are connected with Hitler and his Putsch attempt in 1923.

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Mike's Bike tour is fun, but if time is limited, I would skip it. I saw about 75% of the tour on foot the previous evening, and with the exception of one church, you don't actually tour any buildings.