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Western Germany/Eastern France

Help! Any suggestions for places to sleep for $60-$80 USD, with private toilet? Sept.9-Oct 4,'09 we're (2 of us) traveling to Freiberg, Colmar, route de vin villages, Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz, Luxembourg, Trier, Mainz. Everywhere we've checked is VERY expensive. Thanks. Judy R.

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Check the Accor chain of hotels, a French-owned worldwide hotelier. Their Ibis and Etap chains are basic but modern accommodations with ensuite facilities. Rates range from about 50 Euro/night to about 90 euro/night, depending on when and where you stay. I don't know if all your locations are covered, but I know there's one in Strasbourg right near the railway station. Click here to get to their website.

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Judy, I'm not sure which route de vin villages you plan to visit. If you're referring to the ones in the Alsace area, I'd recommend Chez Leslie in Colmar ( If you plan to see the route de vin in the champagne area, there is a very reasonably priced bed and breakfast in Reims owned by Claudine Larcher on 11 rue Ponsardin. Her email is For the route de vin in Burgundy, Domaine corgette in Saint-Romain is nice, but a little above the price limit you requested. Their website is Please feel free to send a personal message if there are any specific questions I might answer. I was just in that area of France a few months ago.

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$60-80 USD is getting on the low end for lodging, even in small towns, especially given the current poor exchange rate. If you can find something in that range, that's awesome, but to be honest, I would have to think twice about staying somewhere for $60 with a private toilet. I think you'll either have to increase your price range a little or start looking into shared plumbing. Private plumbing always increases the price.

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I don't think it's that hard to find a double in the 40-55 euro price range. We stayed at Maison Jund in Colmar 5 years ago. I believe their prices are still in that price range. We had a double with our own bath and a small sitting room w/kitchenette, no breakfast included. Very nice family who owns it, and they make their own wine, which they sell in the premises.

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Hotel St. Martin in Colmar is nice and they are advertising a double room for 80 Euros with a private bath. We stayed there a few years back and found it very comfortable and friendly.