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300th Wedding Anniversary in Germany & where is Weselberg?

Weselberg, Trippstadt, Kaiserlautern are mentioned as locations for this family reunion but I can't find them on a German map. ANY hints as to what is there (besides family) and how to get there would be greatly appreciated. Also, it's in November - isn't this winter?

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Kaiserslautern is a large town about 60 miles due west of Heidelberg. Trippstadt is south & Weselburg is southwest of Kaiserslautern.
Add the 2nd letter "s" to your spelling of Kaiser_lautern & you'll find it.

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Feels like only 200 years when you're really in love!

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"Also, it's in November - isn't this winter?" No. In this part of Germany, November is still usually fairly mild. It may be gray, damp and cool, but not likely to be particularly cold.

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Yeah, we actually had some nice weather in November this year. Winter doesn't really get Germany until it's grasp until December, and doesn't let go til April. Kaiserslautern I've heard is not the most exciting place, but it's well situated for exploring places that are nicer.

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When you enter the names in you actually get to see where these places are. Weselberg and Trippstadt are in the greater Kaiserslautern area as well. So you are in the very West of Germany in an area with quite a few US military population. You are in a mountain range, not very high but still high enough for great, long hikes to medieval castles... You can easily day trip to the Mosel river valley, the Rhine river valley - or take the bullet ICE or TGV train from Saarbrücken (under an hour from Kaiserslautern) to Paris...

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Well Deborah, its not often people trace their families so far back. Do tell, who was it that married 300 years ago? Were they a Duke or Count or something?

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You can also train to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Basically you can go lots of places from K-town, but I lived in Weselberg and it's just a very small German village, nothing outstanding in it tourist-wise. Even tho people say it should be mild in November, I would bring cold weather clothes too (layers) as it could be cold. In Germany, we say if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change!

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thank you all for the comments and helpful hints - it all began when Siegmund married Katherine in 1712, the ancestors still live in the original, remodeled home. The German cousins will plan the reunion. I want to also plan other stops as well since we have only been to Germany briefly before. This area is not mentioned much in the travel book I have but I will use your ideas and go from there, Thanks again...

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Another good site for finding German towns is " It does require you to know a few key words in German, but hey, you are going to Germany, right?