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3 Rainy days in Paris

We are in Paris 3 days starting 10th of May and according to the weather its going to rain on all three days :(!!!
We will be with a little toddler so rain wont be much fun at all coz we wont want her getting wet/ sick...
Is Batobus fully covered ? Is that a convient way to see the tourist spots ..i know the open bus tour option might be ruled out now.
what are the rainy day options in paris other than museums?

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Mala, if you don't want little one sick do the number one thing you can do to prevent it,, take HAND SANITIZER and use it on her hands OFTEN. Doctors will assure you that hands are the germ magnets( so to speak obviously), not rain. She is still so young, her hands likely in her mouth and nose all day long,, and she likely still touches most things she sees( most kids are so tactile),, just keep her hands clean.

Even if it rains everyday, it may only be light showers etc.. take raincoat and boots, just like at home, and do you have one of those plastic stroller covers, those work great.

The batabus is covered , but the HOHO buses also have the completely covered lower level too and will allow you closer assess to the sites( you will always have to walk up from the river to the sights, whereas the bus will stop closer to the sight, so less rain walking)

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We just got back from 7 days - many of which were rainy - and were surprised at how little we were impacted! We didn't have a toddler, but saw plenty of them out and about. For tourist spots on the bus, I'd suggest taking the "hop on, hop off" bus option, and staying on the lower (covered) level. The buses pull up close to anything touristy, and you can hop off and dash in with minimal wetness in between.

The Seine tour boats also have covered seating, so that's probably an option as well. And if you like shopping, Les Halles (by Centre George Pompidou) is a covered mall, with French shopping and food stands. It's a mall, but it IS in Paris!

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Thanks Pat, Kira thats good to know...I was so worried. We were going to be in Paris only for 3 days and looks like its going be rain marred
I will keep my fingers crossed for no rain though.
Since you just got back, How is the weather there.
Is it still cold? How were most of the kids dressed?
Real warm clothing ?

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Please don't get to upset about the 10 day forecast. I was obsessed about the forecast for a recent trip to Amsterdam. It looked ugly and I was checking it every six hours. We arrived in Amsterdam for our three day stay and it only showered for a few hours. Prepare for some rainy day options, but it will all be good.

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Mala-do NOT use hand sanitizer on a toddler! Go to and do a search for hand sanitizer - ingestion can cause alcohol poisoning.

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Hi Mala,
We too are going to be in Paris from the 11-13th this month and I've been worrying about the 10 day forecast too. I've determined that unless it's downpouring, we should be OK getting from place to place with an umbrella and rain coat. I would try the plastic cover for the stroller, as a previous poster had suggested. Maybe bring a hat and mittens for your little one. Even in a warm rain, little fingers seem to get so cold.

Let's hope for good weather.....I'm off to check the 10 day :)

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That makes 2 of us saying rain rain go away...
We are there from the 10th through 13th as well
I'll keep my fingers crossed for warm, sunny days!!

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Char,, hand sanitzer is safe on toddler ,, just make sure its rubbed in till its evaporated,( duh, don't let him lick it off, LOL ) , takes only a minute or two. There are also hand santizing wipes. Better then getting ill.

I did go to snopes and looked at "santizer ingestion" and read the information. Did you read the very last paragraph?? I did.

But, perhaps this question is best answered by a doctor, although I think the average adult gets that one should not "ingest" the hand santizer gel, and I am sure Mala would not let her little on eat it.

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Dont worry guys...they make alcohol free sanitizers these days:)!!!
Thanks as always for all the inputs.!!