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3 people in 2 person room?

I am on the fence for the lodging for our last night in Germany, but one of my options is the Mainz Hilton. Their rooms have a limit of 2 guests per room. We have 6 people and are thinking of getting 2 King rooms (1 adult, 2 kids per room). How hard and fast are their rules for per person limits in Germany? I know here it is frequently a fire code issue.

We feel ok with 3 of us to a King bed. We sleep 3 or 4 of us to a Queen many nights!

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There are some who offer Triple rooms.... but you may have to call them to find out. In London I stayed at the Thistle Marble Arch and I emailed asknig if they had a triple room (it wasn't on the internet). They confirmed they did have "some" and gave me a great rate... saving me from booking 2 rooms.

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Many hotels are willing to add an extra bed to a double room for a minimal cost. Just email or phone the hotel to ask.

Just don't arrive at the checkin desk with 6 people asking for 2 double rooms...

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Thank you! I think I will give them a call and see. The website says 3 people to the room but not when you book it.

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We were able to get the Hilton Arc de Triumph in Paris and the Hilton Munich Park in Munich to add a bed for our 3rd traveller (3 adults total). I made the reservation over the phone with HiltonHHonors and it was added to the reservation notes. When we arrived, it was no problem. I think that if you called the hotel directly, it shouldn't be a problem unless the rooms are really small. I think that you would be doing well by calling the hotels directly. Happy travels.

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It's always very good advice to make your reservations with the hotel directly whenever possible. Afterall, they know their property the very best. When one calls the toll free central reservations number they probably have never set foot at the property and are reading from a script about it.

I was a FOM (Front Office Manager) at a 4 Star Property earlier on in my Career. We could almost always track our dissatisfied guest issues to reservations booked through external sources. S/t their info isn't as accurate or up-to-date as calling the Property directly.

As others have mentioned you can ask to have an additional bed brought into the room. If you can request a "Murphy Bed" it is more like a bed on wheels as opposed to a cot. I wouldn't put anyone on a pull-out unless they were a young child. Just about every Adult who sleeps on a hotel pull-out complains about it at check-out. If only they had called the desk during their stay we could have done something about it.