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3 or 4 days at the Lovre

Hey, I'm going to Paris for 2 weeks and I need to decide whether to spend 3 or 4 days at the Lovre. What do you think?

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Jenny - It's totally a matter of individual preference. Some people couldn't stand more than two hours while others would feel rushed with 3 days. You'll have to decide for yourself, probably after you get there. Have you visited the Louvre website?

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Yeah I've looked at the website and I have a strong interest in art so I figure I could spend a good deal of time there without feeling bored at all. But there is so many great things to do in Paris that I don't know if I should add the extra day or not.

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It can be overwelming so 3 partial days is a good plan imo.

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Are we understanding your question correctly? I am clueless why you would have to decide that before you actually visit the Louvre on the first day.

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Well, Jenny, the Louvre is not actually the only museum in Paris, so if I were you and had a strong interest in art, I'd spread my time around. Go really early, before the crowds show up and then go exploring somewhere else and give yourself a chance to digest what you've seen. In my opinion, you can actually overdose on medieval madonnas, etc. If some paintings capture your interest, go back another day and concentrate on them. You might make a note to self where they're located so you can find them again. Have fun!