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3 Nights in Reims/Epernay too much?

I am planning my honeymoon and currently we have set up 5 nights Paris 3 nights Reims 3 nigihts Bruges and 6 nights London. We will not have a car so this trip will be entirely dependnet upon trains. Do you think 3 nights in Reims is too much. We like touring champagne houses and sampling/drinking. Is there enough to do in the evening to keep our attention or is Reims better as a day trip from Paris?

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I suggest you rent a car in Reims. The countryside is too beautiful to miss, and there are lovely places to stop, picnic, taste champagne--it is all right here. Besides champagne houses, there is a lot of interesting (WW 1) history all around--Verdun is a quick daytrip. In Reims itself, I love the market and the cathedral, although it has been being restored forever. Three nights with no car would not be my choice.

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A day trip is not enough. Depending on when you arrive and when you leave, 3 nights and 2 full days would be fine. Besides the WWI stuff nearby, you can also see where the documents were signed to end WWII. I think it's a lovely town to ease out in after the pressures of Paris and if you are into champagne, there are lots of tour options or you can even take public transportation to some of the makers. Our B&B owner told us that the town's abundance of Art Deco (post WWI) architecture is due to the bombing of the city during WWI. According to him, before WWI, there were about 13,000 houses. After there were about 70. Any city that has had to build itself back from that kind of a past deserves a look.

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3 nights in Reims is not too much - if you have a car. As others have already said, there's a lot to see in the region, but it is not easily explored by public transportation. Epernay is far more "romantic" and a better destination for a honeymoon (Love the Ave. du Champagne!), but after a day there, you'd be out of thigns to do. The countryside is beautiful, Reims offers more to do, and the WWI stuff at Verdun is worth a look. But you'll need a car.

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Reims is a day trip unless you are going to rent a car and do a lot more. Actually, Reims AND Laon is a day trip. I agree with the poster who said that the countryside is lovely. So is Laon and the cathedral is very interesting. If you want to taste champagne, perhaps the area merits one night and two days. I would train from Paris, spend the first day in Reims, stay in Reims, rent a car and tour the area on day 2, return the car and train to Paris. The return train trip is ideal for a "picnic dinner with wine".